definitely not ordinary

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feel good. any problem is too small. God is soooo big. you can have and be anything. enjoy friends, family, cute waiters.. and yes, you’re beautiful. you can make even the untameable fall. laugh, love..live!❤️😎

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let it be known,
im officially severing any ties with religion.
i’ve pursued God on my own
yes, pursued.

what i’ve found, i will keep to myself.
except to say…
i have a stronger faith more than ever
in love, respect, and compassion.

i officially denounce hell and heaven
because it affirms a punitive god.
I embrace that God is Love
and good all the time.

i denounce any book
that purports to be from God
but which reeks of human genius
and reduces the divine into mortal concepts

i affirm a God beyond what man has attempted to describe
greater than what man has ever imagined
nameless, never ordered war nor praise in his name,
all loving, all wonderful.


signed, ibs silongan July 28, 2014

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