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Boppa Boppa

"you are so lucky.
over all package.
nice pedigree.
multi talented.
maganda pa.
graceful, poised, and sexy pa.
stylish and sophisticated pa.
matalino pa.
mayaman pa.
riveting and stunning.
school lang gyud ang kulang yots!”
- nibukad jud akong atay

happy saturday 10.11.14

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nobel in 2005
jimmy carter in 2013
you dont what else can happen.
keep praying, hoping, thinking great.
God is most wonderful

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Progress pictures make me so happy.

Today was a huge milestone for my chest stands/scorpions. I finally can do them by myself and hold the position (I used to just tap the floor with my foot without control). I’m still working on my breathing and form, but I’m incredibly giddy!